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Please check out what David Wygant has to offer on his website – articles and videos, personal coaching, trainings – there’s a lot of useful advice there. What advice would you give other women who are looking for the man of their dreams? What an extraordinary number: more than a million accounts subject to at least some level of law enforcement investigation just in 2011. The New York Times reports that in response to letters from Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), mobile phone providers disclosed that they received approximately 1.3 million law enforcement requests for customer records last year alone.As we have discussed elsewhere, beyond what is reported by carriers in these letters, there is absolutely no reporting or tracking regarding how these numbers are handled.He’s sort of the evolutionary David De Angelo, taking a similar, highly-theoretical approach, mixing in some good practical advice, and delivering top-notch material.One fascinating thing about Wygant is that he offers products both for men and for women.“The things we (women) love about the men in our lives are not necessarily the things they would tell us about themselves,” Jess tells Fast Company in a recent interview.“A female friend is more likely to represent those things about her guy friend.” Jess, Meet Ken specifically targets women, enabling them to recommend eligible bachelors they know.

He believes that if you merely get out of your own head and are open to what a woman is doing, your most attractive self will reveal itself to them, and they will be attracted to you. Merely being present in the moment, refusing to calculate ahead, immediately puts you far ahead of most of the competition.

If you’re a single woman browsing through profiles, you have the option of contacting these men directly or contacting the women who recommended them to get more information before reaching out on your own.

The Deckingers designed the site not only to attract those female users who feel generally left out of the thinking process when it comes to new dating platforms, but also those men who are looking to create the best profiles possible.

This makes him a rarity in the pickup community – and it probably accounts for part of his straightforward nature.

If he came off as shady in his material for guys, that’d hurt his chances to sell material to women.


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