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The accordion, or squeezebox, is a type of free-reed instrument that generates sound when air rushes past metal reeds affixed to blocks inside the machine.In some types of free-reed instruments, such as harmonicas, air is produced by the musician’s mouth.

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You choose the accordion and you choose which MIDI you want. THE INCREDIBLY FAST KEYBOARD AND LUXURIOUS TONE CANNOT BE ADEQUATELY DESCRIBED. Gabbanelli brands included the Aquila in Italy and the Noble and Reno in the United States. Gianfranco wanted to give the instruments some color and flash, and he bet that the Tejano and Cajun musicians he came in contact with would embrace his wild sense of style, which they did. Hohner Bravo Iii 72Superb Vintage 1950's Noble Worlds Finest Accordion W/ Case ~ Made In Italy Vintage Ladies Size 120 Bass Italian Finzi Accordion 6 Tone Switches Great Cond Vintage Cordovox Electric 120 Bass Piano Accordion Italy N 221/365Hohner El Rey Del Vallenato Adg Vintage Excelsior Accordiana With Leather Case Wow !!!In 1960, one of Elio’s son, Gianfranco “John” Gabbanelli, left Castelfidardo for Houston, Texas, where he established a U. Loduca Accordion,concerto Model 108,italy,full Size,120 Bass,electric,no Reserve Chromatic Accordion Philharmonic In Very Good Physical And Playing Condition. Accordion Scandalli Imperio Ix N295Vintage Scandalli Accordion Vintage Scandalli Full Size Piano Accordion W/ The Case Straps G. Made In Germany Top Diatonic Hohner Erica Button Accordion Hohner Ha-3100 Panther Gcf Diatonic Accordion Matte Black Vintage Noble Ultralite Masterpiece Deluxe # 35 Accordion - Circa 1951Rare!!!In Los Angeles I have seen jazz players using the G-303 plugged straight into a Polytone amp, just for the sound and playability of this great axe.In terms of sophistication of design and electronics, the weighty Ibanez IMG2010 comes out way ahead of the G-303, but like the Roland G-707, the IMG2010 is a bit of an acquired taste, and its curious body design means that the Ibanez IMG2010 is virtually impossible to play sitting down without a guitar strap!The other vintage controllers, the G-202 and G-505, are well-built, fine guitars.


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